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Where To Have Chat, Makhan, Malai Gilori And More In Lucknow

In this third and final part of my series on Lucknow Food, I share with you some of the good street food points or outlets to enjoy the local delicacies. In this food story today, I list down for you Where To Have Kachaloo Chat, Sprouts Chat, Matar Chat, Tamatar Pakora, Matar Sohal, City’s most popular Samosa, Makhan-Malai, Malai Gilori and few others. Yes, we did go to Royal Cafe, Shukla, Ram Ashrey and quite a few others.

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Where To Eat In Jalandhar

Even a search on the net does not throw many options in Jalandhar. Last week, I was in the city for about 24 hours and explored quite a few places with the help of my local colleagues, online friends and the net. We visited some famous and some not so famous outlets and the locals swear by the food they serve. This could serve as a sort of food guide to the city.