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Indian Food In China Too; Is Quite Indian

This time, I had gone to Guangzhou with two colleagues who fall in both of the above categories. One eats Non Veg but limited to Chicken and Mutton only. The other one was strictly Vegetarian. In one of my earlier Blogpost on China visit, I had written about Bombay Grill an Indian Restaurant there. So, to address the needs of both of my colleagues, we decided to go there, at least twice.

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A Thali Day In Mumbai

During a quick trip to Mumbai (though I still love to call it Bombay) a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed authentic Thali in both Lunch and Dinner. The one for lunch was a real royal treat in a highend mall and the dinner was at a local restaurant. Both the places serve some amazing stuff and yet have lot of difference in terms of cuisine, service, place and flavours. Here is a peep into these.