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Nasi Lemak: Malaysia’s Basic Luxury Dish Is A Symphony

I came across this dish called Nasi Lemak at every possible opportunity. You find it on the road side and you find it in a 5 Star hotel. You can eat it for Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Mid Meal or otherwise. You can have a basic version and you can have various condiments to go along with it. It is a poor man’s food and it is rich man’s food too.

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A Thali Day In Mumbai

During a quick trip to Mumbai (though I still love to call it Bombay) a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed authentic Thali in both Lunch and Dinner. The one for lunch was a real royal treat in a highend mall and the dinner was at a local restaurant. Both the places serve some amazing stuff and yet have lot of difference in terms of cuisine, service, place and flavours. Here is a peep into these.