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Where To Eat Traditional Telugu Cuisine With A Modern Touch & Filmy Style In Hyderabad

They say that they don’t use Artificial Colours, Ajinomoto Salt and Vanaspati Ghee in their recipes. In fact, each recipe is taken from the traditional grannies’ kitchens and infused with ingredients which have medicinal use. Sounds great.

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Where To Go For The Best Fusion Food In Hyderabad

Would you like to give up your Biryani cravings for Palak Anardana Tikki Chaat or Murgh Shorba or Dum Ka Murgh Popsicle or Saag Meat or Malai Cheeni Toast or Chai Samosa and for that matter Gosht Safediya Pulao? I would and I am sure you would too, eventually, after reading this.

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This Café In The VIP Area Serves Good South Indian

In the Lutyen’s Delhi, just a few meters away from Rashtrapati Bhawan, in middle of where Members of Parliament or Ministers reside, there is this Mysore Café !! This outlet is serving some authentic, no-nonsense, rustic South Indian fare. Last weekend, we visited this place and savoured our breakfast comprising Sambar Vada, Set Dosa and Mysore Masala Dosa, of course with a cup of Filter Coffee.