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Best Breakfast In East Delhi

Recently, I had an amazing Breakfast in East Delhi, comprising a plate of Punjabi Poori Chhole followed by Chhole Bhature, a Thali of Naan with Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani and then some great Dahi Bhalla. All these came as a pleasant surprise to me for East Delhi, for some strange reason, has always been under hyped for food.

Recently, I had an amazing Breakfast comprising a plate of Punjabi Poori Chhole followed by Chhole Bhature, a Thali of Naan with Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani and then some great Dahi Bhalla. All these came as a pleasant surprise to me for East Delhi, for some strange reason, has always been under hyped for food. And by just sampling the food at these three outlets, my perception has completely changed. Let me take you through a quick tour of these places.

Many of you would know that I run a weekly live show entitled Friday Fiesta @ 7 pm Powered By Magic Of Flavours By Rajesh Tara, on my social media (Facebook and YouTube). Every Friday, I chat with a foodie guest from a city to talk about the food of the city. A few weeks ago, Social Media Star, Gurpreet Singh Tikku aka Mister Tikku came on the show. During the show he talked of some very good Poori Chhole in East Delhi. So, I thought of checking it out. Then when I went there, my friends from the area also took me to taste some wonderful Chhole Bhature and Dahi Bhalla. I was simply amazed at the quality and the flavours this part of Delhi has to offer.

Choudhary Di Hatti, Krishna Nagar

This one is almost six decades old outlet which is still doing brisk business in the locality. And the locals swear by its taste. We reached at around nine in the morning and even by that time there was a queue in front of the outlet. One has to first get a token and then wait for your turn to get your fill. Owing to the current Covid restrictions, they are not allowing eating there. It is just a takeaway these days. We had to get our stuff packed and take it to our car parked a few meters away. We spread out our stuff on the bonnet of the car to enjoy (that is the reason that the pictures may not do the justice).

In one portion, we got two reasonably good sized fluffy Poori, straight out of the frying vessel, along with a bowl of typical Punjabi Chhole. The golden brown Poori, true to its genre was crisp, made out of a mildly flavoured dough. I had a couple of bites of it on its own. It was so tasty and fresh. The Chhole (chickpeas) are typically dark in colour with a slightly runny gravy. Each grain was firm and yet melt in mouth. The gravy was aptly spiced and had a flavourful aftertaste owing to the blend of spices used. A good combo of Poori Chhole.

The place is quite popular with the locals and yet is relatively unknown in the rest of Delhi. The one certainly serves a great Punjabi breakfast which could be counted amongst the best few in the capital. There are a few name sakes in the vicinity which could be deceptive. Therefore, I am giving below the location for ease.

Google Location:

Shri Radhe Krishna, AGCR Enclave

After a drive of about few minutes from Krishna Nagar, we reached Karkardooma Courts and just after it took a right turn to reach at the end of the road. There on the right hand side this is a big outlet. One cannot miss it. I must begin by saying that I had one of the best Chhole Bhature of Delhi here. I am surprised that this place is not so popular as the other famous names but in terms of quality, they are no less than anyone else.

One portion comprised two goldish fluffy Bhatura, straight out of the frying vessel, with a good amount of dark Chhole with a slightly runny gravy had silken consistency. The Bhatura was pillowy and once I opened it up, the mesh inside vouched that it was made out of the well fermented dough. I could have the Bhatura on its own for it was so tasty and flavourful. The Chhole again was a wonderful concoction of well balanced spices where each ingredient complemented the taste of the grain. I have become a fan.

We also asked for a portion of Naan (Thali). We got two good sized stuffed Naan with a reasonably good amount of Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhani. The Naan was fresh out of the Tandoor and tasted great. The accompanying curries were a delight. Perhaps, after tasting the great Chhole Bhature, I could not do justice to the great looking dishes but certainly it a delight for the palate.

Google Location:

Kewalram Chaat Bhandar, Near Karkardooma Courts

Just ahead of Karkardooma Courts in East Delhi, Kewalram brings his moped which doubles up as his kiosk. He sets up by around 11 to sell Golgappe and Dahi Bhalla. I am told that he has a huge following of loyal customers.

His Dahi Bhalla has Moong Dal Bhalla which is topped with usual condiments and garnishes but is a marvel in terms of taste. The plate is not only good to look at but is also full of flavours. His mint infused Golgappe Water is also something which is not to be missed. I have become a fan. What makes him distinct is the hygiene and good quality ingredients which results in an amazing product that he serves. If you are around that place, must visit.

Google Location:

The customary Selfie of the Gang :
Kapil Kohli (front), Sanjay Malhotra, Manoj Khattar, Rajesh Tara and Rahul Wadhawan (back)

These three outlets, I am sure, are just a tip of the iceberg. During my visit and even after that, many of my friend have told me that East Delhi has some real gems for Breakfast, Meals and Snacking. It has some great street food outlets too. I am quite impressed with the sampling. I will be visiting this part of Delhi a couple of times more to explore the gems it has on offering. In the meanwhile, if you have your favorites, do let me know. I shall try and then write about it. Till then…

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara


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