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Breakfast Of Nihari, Sondesh & History On The Roads of Kolkata

I was in Kolkata last week. My FB friend and a fellow food blogger, Subhankar Ghosh had promised to take me for a very good breakfast. “Please be ready early morning”, I was warned by Subhankar. “They start by 430 in the morning and are over by 630”, another warning. The message was clear that if I want to enjoy a great breakfast, get out and get going early morning

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Zaiqa-E- Hyderabad !!

When we talk of Hyderabad, an image of Biryani, followed by Haleem, Patthar Gosht, Spicy Gongura Mutton, Double Ka Meetha, and others cross our mind. Over many visits to the city and various food experiences, I bring here a glimpse of two eateries, iconic in their own unique way. One is a bit upmarket and other a local favourite but both these restaurants dish out some great flavours. Enjoy !!