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In The Momo World Of Thakali, Kolkata

As the luck would have it, five days later I was in Kolkata. And, was committed to be there at The Blue Poppy-Thakali. Once again, it was an evening full of amazing food and unending talks and photo sessions. We were hosted at the personal table of Doma (the first on the left as soon as you enter). The food line up, personally chosen by Doma, unfolded like a Bollywood thriller with a superb climax.

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Best Biryani In Chennai; And Dosa, Meals In Bangalore

Suddenly, you see a waiter balancing almost 10-12 plates of Dosa along the length of his arm. Before you realise, he would quickly distribute it to the guests. In quick succession, another waiter would come with a pan full of Coconut Chutney. With a slight tilt of the pan over your plate, a good amount of Chutney is poured on the side.