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Chacha’s Rawal Pindi Chhole Bhature Is An Experience To Enjoy

Chacha’s Rawal Pindi Chhole Bhature Is An Experience To Enjoy. It’s Different. The Bhature are different. The Chhole are different and so is the experience different.

I can’t wait to write this quick Blogpost, I have to. Had this unique Chhole Bhature as part of my own #2ndOctober #Food Exploration #KamlaNagar, Delhi (other food items we tried in this walk to appear seperately). You ask anyone in the vicinity and you will be instantly guided to this hole-in-the-wall shop. At around 930 this morning, three of us, Govind, Sanjay and me, reached Chache Di Hatti in Kamla Nagar, Delhi, famous for serving Chhole Bhature. There were already 8-10 people waiting but there was no sign of Chhole, No Kadhai (wok) was ready with the oil to fry, No preparation to serve. So ? 

First, let me take you through the highlights of the experience of the popularity of the place and the loyalty of customers towards it.


  • We asked for our plate of Chhole Bhature and were politely told that it would take at least half an hour to open up.
  • We insisted that he takes our order and the money so that when he starts serving, we can get it. Again, were politely told to wait in the queue (almost 8-10 people already in the queue). Sanjay opted to stand for us (Govind kept on feeding him Green Singharas sourced from a cart locally to keep him motivated).
  • Soon the queue swelled to almost 50 people, spilling over to the main road.
  • A gentleman stood in the queue first for a while and then his driver stood for him.
  • An old couple came in an auto and as soon as the auto stopped, the lady jumped out of it and secured her place in the ladies queue while the husband paid off the auto driver.
  • A person came and asked that what time he should come as the queue was already long enough. He was told to come at 12 with about 15 minutes in hand.
  • A group of young students came and first were a bit hesitant to queue up. Finally, decided to go for it and took turns to wait in the queue.
  • All this was happening even before the delivery started and the queue kept on swelling.
  • Finally at 10, the delivery started. One has option of either eating there or take away. Once you reach the counter, you take no time to get your share. But yes, you appear to have victorious smile on your face when you get it.


951453B5-49D5-45AF-B392-03643C474BB76E9DAD05-A4AA-4748-95E8-D73DEF7E5C5AServed in a melamine plate, two golden plum Bhaturas (not fluffy) sit pretty along with a heap of masala-embroiled Chhole (chickpeas) decorates with a piece of Aloo and a spoonful of green watery Chutney, sliced onions and a green chilly on the side.
Tear a morsel out of the Bhatura and it is soft, almost non-greasy and a bit thicker than what you usually get. It is filled with a C0E4F28E-EF94-4B4E-B4FF-FBC193E30BD2little amount of mildly seasoned mashed potatoes. Taste is quite unique. So are the Chhole. First spoonful on the palate tells you that the flavours and the aroma of spices are very well blended with the chickpeas. It’s tangy and yet have a faint hint of sweetness as an aftertaste. You need more and more and yet more. Each grain of the chickpeas stand apart, well blended with the flavours of the thick moist masala and yet melt in mouth. Actually, a bouquet of well blended flavours which are unique.  Rawal Pindi wale, as the signboard says?

It’s different !!

The Bhaturas are different. The Chhole are different. The client following is different for its willing to stand and wait in the queue for its favourite grub. The experience is different and; finally the taste is different.

Well, it’s worth the effort. A plate would set you behind by just INR 55. Try it and you would fall in love.

Victorious Smiles with our prized catch of the day: A plate of Chacha’s Chhole Bhature 

Tip: Best time is to reach by 930 or maybe a bit after 12. Observe people and you would enjoy the wait. Take your plate and sit in your car to savour the flavours.

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara

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