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Best Chhole Bhature In West Delhi

Chhole Bhature are surely Delhi's most liked street food or the breakfast option. Today, in this story, I would try to introduce you a few of "My Favourite" places for Chhole Bhature in West Delhi. These are my favourites, your could be different.

Chhole Bhature are surely Delhi’s most liked street food or the breakfast option. A search on the net would throw up numerous options with a few famous ones of Delhi topping the chart in almost every single story. West Delhi is no different. This Punjabi dominated part of Delhi too is fascinated by its Chhole Bhature and one could find outlets and carts etc in almost every nook and corner selling these. Some even figure in few searches too. So, I thought let me enlist my top picks of this favourite snack in West Delhi.

If you drive from Patel Nagar till Vikaspuri on Shivaji Marg, you would be, more or less, driving through the most of the West Delhi with colonies on its right and the left. Today, in this story, I would try to introduce you a few of “My Favourite” places for Chhole Bhature (which work best for me and does not mean that it is the last word). So, you are free to have your own preferences without any dispute. Let us start. We reach our first stop and start our journey of Chhole Bhature.

Aaojee Sweets, Patel Nagar

Bang opposite the iconic Shadipur DTC Depot, on the main road itself, this outlet stands out. A pretty decent place with proper hygiene maintained. This outlet is famous for its Paneer Pakora but they also serve some amazing Chhole Bhature.

A plate consists two reasonably large sized pillowy Bhature with a decent amount of Chhole. The Chhole are quite flavourful and have a slightly thick consistency which have a melt in mouth sort of texture. However, the hero here is the Bhature. The golden fried Bhature are soft and perhaps have the maximum amount of Paneer filling which you won’t find anywhere else. All in all its a great combo which has been my favorite for almost more than two decades. They also serve some amazing Palak Chawal.

Google Location:

CL Corner, Moti Nagar

From Shadipur Depot, drive towards Moti Nagar Crossing and turn left. Drive for another about three hundred meters and on your right, you could spot this outlet. This again is a landmark outlet which has been there for decades and have a loyal fan following.

Here the Chhole are to die for. You get a thick consistency dark Chhole which are firm yet silken soft. The subtle chhole masala is complimented with a reasonably large sized wedge of Masala Potato and a generous amount of Coriander Leaves. The golden fried fluffy Bhatura is made out of a well fermented dough. Once again, this has been my favorite since long and I could go again and again.

Google Location:

Arjun Chhole Bhature, Rajouri Garden

Drive ahead from Moti Nagar, reach Raja Garden crossing and take left turn and take a right turn on Major Sudesh Kumar Marg (one would have to take a U-turn from under the Mayapuri flyover). Drive for about five hundered meters and you could see a huge rush on the right side of the road. One could see luxury cars parked alongside bikes and rickshaws and everyone would be enjoying the morning fix. It is no outlet. Just a table top counter perched on the pavement for service and team just behind it rolling the Bhaturas and frying those in the open. By the lunch time its wound up and you could not even find a trace of it.

The Bhaturas are relatively of smaller size and yet are light, fluffy with almost no oil. The Chhole grains here are of smaller size which are wrapped in a thick masala sauce sort of gravy. Aroma of spices hit you as soon as you get your plate and the taste of spices lingers on the palate for quite some time. This quite popular with the locals and perhaps the most reasonably priced plate.

Google Location: (Arjun is not listed. This is the location of Relaxo Showroom and one could spot him diagonally opposite to this).

Pyarelal Amritsari, Subhash Nagar

From Rajouri Garden, drive towards Subhash Nagar Mor on Shivaji Marg and take a left turn. Drive for about three hundred meters and you would spot his bicycle perched under an umbrella outside Chhatriwala Park on the left of the road. One cannot miss him for the rush he draws in the morning hours.

He has that typical rustic Tawa Bhatura, a flat version which is stuffed with tangy potato masala. The Bhatura is reheated on the Tawa (griddle) before serving. Here the killer is the Chhole. Served in a reasonably large disposable plate, the dark brown have somewhat lose gravy which is very flavourful. Just before serving, Pyarelal, the owner would add a runny Chili-Mint Chutney to it which lends the punch. The Chhole are again very soft and well done. He proudly announces that his Chhole does not have even a drop of oil. The taste is typical Amritsari, the state in Punjab which is famous for its typical Chhole Masala. This is different take on Chhole Bhature and has its own fan following. He is more famous for his Bheega Kulcha in Amritsar style. However, I like his Tawa Bhatura with his signature Chhole.

Google Location:

Monika Cafe, Vikaspuri

From Subhash Nagar, drive back to the Shivaji Marg and take a left turn. Drive till the Janakpuri District Centre and take a right turn on outer ring road (will have to take a u-turn from the metro station ahead). Drive for about three hundred meters and take the first left turn from under the first flyover on the PVR Road. Just after a short drive, this would be on your right. This outlet figures in may of the searches on the net. One could see huge rush in front of the shop during the morning hours.

The Bhatura here is of reasonable size and is pillowy which is made out of an aptly fermented dough. The Chhole are a blend of subtle spices, silky soft grains and a thick gravy. Although he tempers it with oil but one could just see the glaze and no extra oil. The Chhole are very soft with silken texture and has that distinct flavour of spices. It is a deadly combo. A must try.

Google Location:

Shri Gopal, Rohini

Though technically Rohini is not part of West Delhi, but I could not resist mentioning this one amongst my favourites in this part of Delhi. From Vikaspuri, Outer Ring Road, it not more than a twenty minutes drive. This outlet is right on the main road of the colony and the rush starts building up by nine in the morning. So, better be a bit early.

The Bhatura here is fluffy and pillowy with apt filling. The dark Chhole are a delight to savour. They have a slightly loose consistency and melt in mouth. The spices are subtle and do not overpower the taste of the grain. I would rate the Chhole here amongst the few best in the entire Delhi. For Chhole Bhature lovers, this one is a must try.

Google Location:

While, the above work the best for me, however, the other notable mentions in this part of Delhi are:

  1. Rajindra Refreshment Corner, Karampura, Moti Nagar
  2. Prem Di Hatti, Rajouri Garden
  3. Darshan Chhole Bhature, Subhash Nagar
  4. Grover Sweets, Shivaji Marg, Ashok Nagar (Subhash Nagar Mor)
  5. Rama Chhole Bhature, Tilak Nagar
  6. Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paschim Vihar

Well, as I said, the above outlets are my favorite and your choice could differ. Ultimately, this is not the last word and the taste is subjective to each individual. In West Delhi, there are more colonies such as Naraina, Tagore Garden, Janakpuri and Uttam Nagar, besides others. There could be more hidden gems. If you have your favourites here, do share with me. Will try and if I enjoy their stuff, would like to update my list. Till then…

Bon Appetit !!

Rajesh Tara


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  1. Arjun Chhole Bhature and Prem Di Hatti are too good!!


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