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Bun Maska, Andaa And Chai…

Bun Maska, Andaa and Chai are almost staple for many of us. We won’t leave an opportunity to enjoy them. This story brings in the variety enjoyed at a road side cafe and at a high end outlet in different parts of the country. The enjoyment is the same.

BunMaska, Andaa and Chai (Butter Smeared Bun, Eggs and Tea) are almost staple for Indians. Many of us, across India are almost addicted to these. Recently, in Bombay ( err Mumbai) and then back in Delhi, I have had the experience of enjoying these combos. Have enjoyed these at local outlets and at high end restaurant. Same item, a slightly different presentation, yet hugely satisfying and enjoyable. Here’s my story.Soda Bottle Opner Wala, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

On a Chilly Winter morning, this seemed a perfect place to enjoy my weekend fix of BMAC (Bun-Maska, Anda & Chai).

First, I asked for a Bun Maska.

58FC5355-4114-4A28-B051-59A44BAA265AA reasonably big bun, goldenish brown crust glazed with butter sitting pretty in a plate was served. Was cut in three sections. Pick up the first slice and it told you that it was fresh as ever. Inside was a fluffy bun, smeared with butter with red & green tuty-fruity peeping out. A bite told you it was super soft, had taste and aroma of freshly baked bread, had a flavour of salty butter and was a little sweet. I love the bread whose flakes don’t fall off, a sign of freshness. This one was right there.

F3C4FB52-7057-4737-BDEF-21C2055A19D7Next I ordered, Eggs Kejriwal (No! I am not fond of the leader with this name and yes, that this style of eggs has nothing to do with the politician). The legend goes like this that one Mr Devi Prasad Kejriwal, a regular at the Willingdon Sports Club, Mumbai would daily order his eggs to be made in a particular way for him. He enjoyed fried eggs on a toast with cheeze and lot of green chillies thrown atop. Gradually, this style adopted the name of Eggs Kejriwal.

My Eggs Kejriwal came sitting atop a thick toast. The fluffy egg whites playing hide and seek with the yellow yolks under the cover of few figs of green coriander and sprinkled with black pepper were a delight to look at. A closer look revealed that the eggs sat atop a bed of creamy mushrooms and a layer of Cheddar Cheese spread over the toast. The first bite was a symphony of textures, temperature and flavours. The bread was crisp and fresh. The creamy mushrooms were soft and had a mild sour aftertaste. The eggs were done perfectly and the yolk had actually fused into the whites. This four layered flavours were a delight to enjoy.

A0D5A504-4D6D-401E-9FC0-19AC567A7B65This hearty breakfast was wrapped up with the special Irani Chai served in an interesting Cup & Saucer.

Cafe Delight, Bandra West, Mumbai

On my way to work, I made a quick halt at this unassuming joint. The outer facade is simple enough and has a narrow opening. You go inside from an alley in front of the counter. Once inside, you would find it has a reasonably good seating place inside, very basic furniture though. It is almost full with locals and one has to share table with others.

I ordered my favourite – Bun Maska, Andaa and Chai and within no time all the three were served.

1411ECC5-E9D4-491B-A80C-C909151A32B4The Bun Maska here was rectangular brownish with wrinkles signalling the freshness of the bread. Was cut in three sections and the outer crust was dry and fresh. The first bite and it was fresh, soft, slightly sweet with a heavy load of butter. Infact a slightly less butter would also have been fine. The softness of the bread and its aroma does the job. It is a delight in itself. It was so satisfying and nostalgic that I finished the entire thing in one go.

49908971-B1DB-4752-87B1-A2923A4EA817The single Omelette (as they call it for 2 eggs omelette) was simple, well done and had a smearing of oil all over. Even the plate corners had a glaze of the oil. It is served with two Pavs, a local bread.

Hesitantly, with a spoon, I sliced a portion of the egg and tasted it. Believe me, its sort of a Mughlai Omelette. You would forget the oil. It is silky soft, full of flavours and is almost melt-in-mouth kinds. Goes perfectly well with the, soft-as-ever Pav. I tried it with Bun Maska too. Not a bad idea at all.

As customary, wrapped it up with a glass of Cutting Chai.

Believe me, I paid less than INR 100 at Cafe Delight in Mumbai and four times this at SBOW, Gurgaon for the same items. But both the places served great items and both have their uniqueness which could only be experienced and no words can describe it. Well, these are basic items but are hugely satisfying and enjoyable. The only point is where you want to enjoy it; at a local roadside cafe or at a high end cafe?

I have enjoyed Bun Maska at  Hole-In-The-Wall stalls near Dhaula Kuan, Delhi and Chanakya, Delhi. These also are too good. One may visit my Facebook page for those. The link is here below:

Bun Maska in Dhaula Kuan is here.

Bun Maska near Chanakya is here.

My earlier food story in these pages about Omellete can be read here.

Do you have any such experiences, do write in. Till then….

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara


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