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Flavours On The Streets Of Jaipur

From Poha to Kachori to Fruit Shakes to Sabudana Dahi Vada, this one day visit to Jaipur traces the various street food flavours of the city.

My third visit to the city of Jaipur turned out to be quite a flavourful sortie. This time, I gave a miss to the famous league of LMBs, Rawats, Handis and Niros. So the story today is a bit different. Its short, talks of local Street Food, talks of some not so famous eateries and yet talks of some amazing delights to savour. Less of words and more of pictures talking about the tastes.

Poha in Johri Bazar

The Poha In Johari Bazar


This unassuming push cart on the main road in Johri Bazar sells some amazing Poha. The moment you place the order, the gentleman gets into action. A generous helping of poha is scooped out of the large dish and then starts dressing it with Chopped Onions, Coriander, Green Chilies, his homemade Masala, Lemon Juice, Pomegranate and some Bhujia. What you get is a reasonably big sized plate full which is both picture worthy and a delight to savour. It is an ensemble of Textures, Colors and Flavours.

Milk Shakes Near Ajmeri Gate

The Papaya Shake at Rama Cold Drinks

This was a real discovery of this visit. I am told, and is evident too, that this place is locals’ favorite who throng it all day. Rama Cold Drinks, off Ajmeri Gate is an unassuming small kiosk which sells juices and shakes. Can be easily identified by the


people queuing up for their fix, all the time. Has an ample parking 9E0F8646-BAF1-4AF1-B076-9F3ED8113E9Fspace in the front. We tried Bel Shake and Papaya Shake (they have a long list of offerings though). Low on sugar, high on freshness of fruits, chilled and very high on the taste quotient. The thrill is  when you ask for the damages. I had to check thrice when he asked for mere INR 60 for four glasses of shakes. During our stay of 24 hours, we went there thrice. That’s the pull of the amazing freshness and taste they deliver.

Kachories, Kachories And Some More

The Kachori in Johari Bazar


Mirchi Vada

In the lane adjoining the Poha Cart in Johri Bazar, there is this Karoriya Kachori 2D5E9C12-F963-4474-BB86-A18B9FFCF632Bhandar. The large sized Pyaz Kachori dipped in Green Chutney (with a flavour of fresh Pudina/Mint) was a delight to have. Caramelised onions filling had flavourful seasoning. Soft crust combined with chutney was quite an experience. The Dal Kachori had a good amount of Dal Filling with a predominant flavour of Hing (asafetida). The Mirchi Vada had a filling of mashed potatoes with flavourful seasonings. This place is a must visit if you love your Kachori.

The Dal Kachori at Falahaar

BBDD2407-AD01-496F-8257-621B8558137DThe Kota Kachori at Falahaar on Tonk Road had a handsome filling of dal with flavours. The Kota Kachori was reasonably good but not very authentic since they were not very spicy. However, were quite flavourful. However, the Dal Kachori was a delight. The Dal Filling was quite flavourful. They start at around 8 in the morning and seem to be quite popular with the locals. We could see many having their breakfast of Kota Kachori.

Kadhi Kachori and Mirch Vada



In the lane adjoining the famous Lassiwala on the MI Road, there is this Shri Ram Namkeen Bhandar. Had this Kachori which is served with the local Kadhi (a curry made with curd). The Kachori itself was quite crisp and had a flavourful filling. Kadhi on its own was tangy with subtle flavours. When you combine the both, the taste goes to another level. Similarly, the Mirchi Vada had a flavourful mashed potatoes filling. This sharp Vada when had with fresh mint chutney is a delightful combo. It is a typical road side local shop where you have a seating on the road and yet it does a brisk business.

And; Before Signing Off

So, before I close this post, let me share a few more. After having the amazing Kachori with Kadhi, walk out on the main road and must have the Lassi. The chilled, mildly sweet lassi will soothe your taste buds and the tummy. And yes, don’t forget the shakes at Rama Cold Drinks. I had a Shake and Lassi at an interval of half an hour. 07556F9F-6DCF-40A3-9A78-E4F9B2138ECD

For Kachori Breakfast go to Falahaar in the morning but must go there in the evening too. Enjoy their Sabudana Dahi Vada, Sabudana Khhichri, Shrikhand and the Jalebi. You will not be able to decide whether the morning visit was better or the evening one.

Sabudana Dahi Vada
Sabudana Khichri
Jalebi ; does it need a caption ?
Shrikhand was quite good

While this post talks of Street Food only, in case you are interested in some famous eating places, you may click on the following links for my earlier stories in the city:

Till then, make plans to enjoy these savories and shakes.

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara


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  1. You are quite a Sherlock in finding hidden gems! Very interesting read.

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