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Where To Eat In Jalandhar (Part 2)

This time in Jalandhar, I decided to focus on local Sweets and Bakery. So, had the famous Jalebi and rightly so, it deserves the best spot. Then tried the famous Kulfi Falooda, an amazing treat to die for. Brought back home some freshly baked Plum Cakes.

This time in Jalandhar, I decided to focus on local Sweets and Bakery (for the other eats and outlets, you could find the link in the story below). So, had the famous Jalebi and rightly so, it deserves the best spot. Then tried the famous Kulfi Falooda, an amazing treat to die for. Brought back home some freshly baked Plum Cakes and had a Vegetarian Lunch at yet an amazing Dhaba oops Restaurant. To know more, please read on.

In a gap of about five weeks, I was in Jalandhar, Punjab again for some work. And before leaving the city, I had a few hours at hand. So, thought why not to pick up the thread from where I had left it earlier. I had blogged about my experience in the city for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks in a blog post which you could read here. So, this time let me introduce you to some outlets to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Sodhi Jalebi Corner

In the heart of crowded market, this small take away outlet is a wonder in itself for it serves one of the best Jalebi you would have ever had. These goldish small complex roundels, dripping with sugar syrup would appear to be just another Jalebi off a road side outlet. Had I not heard about this place, even I would have thought so. They are a wonder, waiting to be tried.

A few of pieces sat pretty in a paper plate and I quickly transferred a couple over a paper napkin which was handed over to me. The first bite and it was piping hot. It was crispy as ever. The sugar was well balanced. The crispiness led to the mushy inner which told that the batter had the perfect fermentation for it had a hint of that sourness, balancing very well with the sweetness. One could go on and on with piece after the another. It actually became very difficult to stop and yet I stuck to my resolve of not to have more than two. Certainly, one of the best I would have ever had. On my my next visit, I would not limit myself, for sure. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be at.

Google Location:

Prakash Ice Cream

Also locally known as Prakash Kulfi, this outlet is a must visit to satisfy you cravings for fruit Ice Creams or Kulfi. This place realises the saying that you get best quality milk products in Punjab. I can guarantee that you would fall in love with the items at the first sight the moment they are served on your table.

We ordered Special Lacchhey Wali Kulfi, Special Sugar Free Kulfi and Tutti Fruity Ice Cream. Each variation when it landed was difficult to resist. I cannot explain how I could restrict myself and my friends not allowing them to touch before I clicked. I would not go into explaining the looks for these pictures above do the justification. The Lacchhey Wali Kulfi had the best quality rice noodles sort of strings, the red syrup not only provided the aroma and the sugary touch but also gave the attractive colour to the dish. The Kulfi was the traditional Kulfi which had the hint of Chhena which gave it a distinct taste with the richness of the milk. The Sugar Free version additionally had the same Chhena Rabri sort of concoction laid over the Lacchha. The Tutti Fruity version had that typical Punjab Fruit Ice Cream with fresh fruit chunks thrown in and supported with lavish amount of colourful jelly fruits. While I tried each one, I could not decide which one was the best. They have a long menu and I must visit the place at least 2-3 times more to enjoy their other offerings.

Google Location:

Kumar Cake House

If you are fond of Cakes, particularly Plum Cakes or the Dry Cakes, then this outlet is a must visit types. This unassuming bakery bakes some amazing cakes and was strongly recommended. I carried back home a Chocolate Walnut Cake and a Marble Dry Cake.

The Chocolate Walnut Cake was fluffy and had right amount of good quality Cocoa with lavish splurge of walnuts. The Marble Cake was a wonder in itself. Not only it had a unique packaging, the looks were enticing too. It was a combo of three variations in one mold. We had the Chocolate Brownie, The Dry Vanilla and the Red Velvet portions, in this three-in-one cake. The best part is that I bought these on day one and was back home the next evening and yet, both the cakes survived easily. Not only this, even on the eighth day, it tasted like fresh. I am not missing an opportunity ever to bring back such beauties home again, whenever I could.

Google Location:

Bliss Vaishno Dhaba

If you are fond of Vegetarian Food, please do not miss this place. The name might say that it is a Dhaba but its an airconditioned restaurant, with ample parking space around. The place has a good seating capacity and has good service. The food is traditional and authentic. You would be able to sense the rustic flavours of Punjab in each dish with a modern presentation, therefore the name Dhaba, I think.

Our order comprised Palak Chana, Soya Chap Masala and Yellow Dal Tadka. Each dish was a delight to savor with a crispy Tandoori Roti. The Palak concoction with the Kabli Chana was a smooth, yet flavourful curry. Though I am not fond of Soya Chaps but my friends insisted that I must try. And am happy that I did for I was quite impressed. The Soya chunks were not only silken soft, they were flavourful and the curry flavours had seeped in perfectly to make it a great dish. While in Punjab, one could never go wrong with Dal. So, it had to be a perfect Dal Tadka. A very satisfying and enjoyable meal.

Google Location:

If you read this blog post along with the earlier one, this could serve as your itinerary in the city. I am sure, there is much more to explore there. Please do share with me if I need to visit any more such places. Till then…

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara


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  1. Sanjay Pawar

    I remember the tutti-frutti ice cream at Prakash…Surely delightful

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  2. Anil Raj 3

    Not just Jalandhar, your blog n posts are an amazing guide for what n where to eat for any place in india.

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