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Best Breakfast Options In Faridabad

One spoonful of Chhole and as if there was a burst of flavours on the palate. It was a blend of Bengali Ghugnee and Punjabi Chhole. The flavours of those spices unfold gradually on your palate and then lingers on.

My last few posts have been on exploring the slightly unknown food joints in and around Delhi / NCR. In that series, I have been introduced to two great eateries in Faridabad, a neighbourhood town of Delhi. We had a wonderful Breakfast of Aloo Poori and Kulche Chhole with Chhachh (Butter Milk). If you happen to be in the close vicinity and love your food, please don’t miss it. Who, What and Where?

On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, when the roads were free of traffic, there was a nip in the air and festivities were beginning, an early morning drive to Faridabad was a breeze. Three of us were heading to our first destination and looked forward to a great breakfast.

Chaudhary Sweets, Sector 15


With the help of Google Maps, we could easily reached this place. Looked like the place is quite popular with the locals. At around 9 in the morning, the place was doing brisk business. Many were already enjoying their breakfast while many were in the queue for getting their orders packed. The Frying Wok was full, the serving tray was full and the men at the counter were busy serving and packing. We also ordered our breakfast.

A plate of Aloo Poori with Chhachh.


We were served five fluffy golden fried Poori with a generous amount of Aloo Curry, in a yellow slotted plate. The Pooris, fresh out of the frying wok, emitted that enticing aroma. Tearing off the first morsel of the Poori told me it was crisp and yet the crust didn’t fall off. Once on the palate, the morsel of the Poori was rustic, flavourful and smooth. A 1C334872-BC80-4CC6-AFDE-A691955D13B4perfect mix of textures. The Aloo Subzi was a delight. A perfectly balanced spiced gravy was a stew in itself. I could have it on its own. Both Poori and Subzi together was a deadly combo. Without even your asking, the server would come and top up the Subzi, if he observes that you would need more. They also serve pickled Green Chilies. It has a unique flavour and one can eat one after the another. A perfect condiment to a flavourful combo.

Washing down the hearty meal with a chilled Chhachh completed the experience.

Hemraj Kulche Chhole , Neelam Chowk


Our next halt was this unassuming cart parked in a service lane. On the first look it seemed just another one out there. But a glance at the crowds and the profile of the people enjoying it, you change your mind. Then, that vessel which these people normally use. This one had a huge one, quite uncommon. Looked like that this one was different.


We ordered our stuff and the symphony began. Scooping out the Chhole (Matar) from the big Brass Vessel (Pateela), he transferred the stuff into a steel vessel. Then he ladled a couple of glassfuls of flavoured water from a can kept behind him and added it to the Chhole. This was followed by adding some Masala and Lemon Juice. Wait, it’s yet not over. The entire batch of Chhole were then spread over Tawa (Griddle), roasted for a while and then scraped it back into that steel vessel. Out of that vessel then he starting serving the Chhole in smaller paper bowls.


Two Fluffy Kulcha, smeared with a yellow layer of spices and butter, were served along with a bowl of these Chhole. The quality of the Kulcha was quite good. One normally doesn’t get this quality. The smearing of that yellow Masala gave it an extra edge. The bowl of Chhole had a slightly runny gravy, garnished with crushed Paneer, Sliced Onions, 4055D905-F81F-4EF6-A8C7-22047560F3C7Pickled Green Chilli and Radish Pickle.  One spoonful of Chhole and as if there was a burst of flavours  on the palate.  It was a blend of Bengali Ghugnee and Punjabi Chhole. The flavours of those spices unfold gradually on your palate and then lingers on. Have a bite of Kulcha and its good to go alone. Have a spoon of Chhole and you don’t need anything else. Have the two together, its a bliss.

Once again, this flavourful combo was washed down with a glass of Chhachh.

If you happen to be in Faridabad, this is a must try. I am sure you would love these. In case you have some other favorites of yours, do let me know. Till then…

Bon Appetite !!

Rajesh Tara

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  1. Growing up on Chaudhary’s “ALP” or Aloo Lassi Puri, this is a welcome flashback to the last 20 years or so of my life. Sanjay (jijaji) pointed me to your blog. Keep up the great work and keep the posts coming!

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